About Us

25 NFT SQUAD is a community that brings together Solana NFT enthusiasts from all backgrounds, around one project of 25 tribute mini-collections. The most distinct aspects of our collections is their low supply that ensures exclusivity, their unique style and themes, and the community involvement through the entire  creation process. We started with a simple idea, and we keep improving it as our community evolves, according to our members expectations and suggestions. What matters most to us is to create an ambient atmosphere, where we can combine the pleasant and the useful. Paper Hands, Flippers and Alphas are all welcome. We have a room for everybody.

Our Collections

The Peaky Skulls

25 Peaky Skulls, a tribute to the epic gangster family of Irish-Romani origin set in Birmingham.

Sol Gangsters

A tribute to the most powerful and known gangsters of all times. 10 Gangsters / 50 NFTs.

Astro Riders

77 Astro Riders exploring outer space to gather data and observe many of the hidden space mysteries.

Alpha Dogs

72 Alpha Dogs living on their own terms, playing to win, and choosing to be extraordinary

Vaporwave Gods

50 sculptures from Ancient Greece, made using a unique and iconic aesthetic visual style.

Vaporwave Goddess

50 sculptures from Ancient Greece, made using a unique and iconic aesthetic visual style.


“These sculptures will give you nostalgia and send you to an era that once was. “

The Vaporwave Gods collection is the first of 3 historical mini-collections, owning a Vaporwave God & Goddess will grant you a free Baby Angel Nft Drop. Join our discord for more details.

alpha dogs

“They joined Solana to protect the underdog, keep the peace, and reassure those who are distressed.”

This is our first animated NFT collection, it symbolizes the mindset and lifestyle of alphas. Characters are made from 65 traits, and are part of our first mini simulation games series.

Roadmap / Utility

Questions about our roadmap and the project utility are among the most frequently asked questions, especially by the new members. We are also frequently asked about staking, token creation and Metaverse building. In this regard, we would like to mention that none of the options are being considered for the moment.

So far, we are focusing on the the artistic aspects of future collections and the publishing of the mini-game series. We are also working on the growth of our community, and the creation of value for each of our collectibles.  We learn from each listing, and try to introduce new things  in every collection. We are exploring all the possibilities and options, and are listening carefully to every suggestion or feedback.

This is our vision regarding the project evolution and we will work according to it, no hurry, no rush.  All the information related to the project will be announced on Twitter and Discord, and this section will be updated on regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Mint price is voted on by community members before the launch of each collection.

Until further notice, all the MGs are for simulation/fun purposes. The money earned while playing isn’t real and can’t be withdrawn.

Whitelist spots can be obtained by being active on discord, or by participating in our twitter giveaways.